4 thoughts on “Serviceberries

  1. I tasted my first good serviceberries this summer and was surprised at how sweet they were, even not-quite ripe. I’m looking forward to next summer! My plants are only about 18″ tall, and the chipmunks or mice ate about half of the berries this year. I’ve planted them out by the road and am hoping the greater distance from the house will discourage the little brats from finding them!


    1. I have very little experience with them, unfortunately. Just this one tree. I’ve heard the same thing about selections. These have a pleasant flavor, as if a very mild cherry-vanilla flavor, some with a strong but brief vanilla aftertaste. Acidity strangely not a factor. To me the flavor pales in comparison to say good blueberries or blackberries. But as fresh fruit, early fruit, unique fruit they are great. Update: Probably should rescind my remark about flavor here now that spring is drying out a bit, these berries are sweetening, and tasting more and more like blueberries, still with vanilla kick that varies from berry to berry, but really in each well-ripe berry a first-rate flavor.

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