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Fig Basics: History, Flavor, Growth
Fig Ripening Order & Short Season Tips

Fig Flavors by Pulp
Basic Fig Flavors Explained
Fig Flavors, Pulp & Skin Color Examples
Fig Breba Crop Ripening Time Examples
Fig Main Crop Ripening Time Examples

Mountain Figs Are Robust Figs
Mt Etna Figs and Mountain Figs
Mongibello / Mt Etna Fig Strains, a List

10 Good Figs For Short Seasons
18 Excellent Fig Varieties
Tips to Grow Figs in Ground and in Pots

A Simple Way To Root Fig Cuttings
O’Rourke and Improved Celeste: 2 Distinct Cultivars

Fig Plates
Pons Early Ripening Figs
Mountain Figs at Facebook

2017 Brebas First Ripe By Variety

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I’m mountainfigs at Ourfigs forum

Fig Genotypes & Other Maps & Articles
Italian Numbered Figs (I-258, I-376, etc)
The Fig Tree Resistance to Cold by Sergio Carlini
Dr. O’Rourke at Modern Farmer: “Fig Man On Campus”

Various fig growers and organizations:

Pons – Varieties
Baud – The Fig Tree – more Baud
Figues du Monde
Love – For the Love of Figs poster
Pomono GardensPaolo Belloni – Figs of Puglia
Mercato Verde
Harvey Correia – Figaholics
F4F Forum Archives
Ray Givan’s list of Ira J. Condit’s figs and others
Fig Thesaurus – Seattle Garden & Fruit Adventures
Planet Fig
Fruit Proverbs and Quotes
Ourfigs Forum