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Fig Basics: History, Flavor, Growth
Fig Ripening Order & Short Season Tips

Fig Flavors by Pulp
Basic Fig Flavors Explained
Fig Flavors, Pulp & Skin Color Examples
Fig Breba Crop Ripening Time Examples
Fig Main Crop Ripening Time Examples

Fig Varieties by Flavor, Skin, and Pulp Color

Mountain Figs Are Robust Figs
Mt Etna Figs and Mountain Figs
Mongibello / Mt Etna Fig Strains, a List

10 Good Figs For Short Seasons
18 Excellent Fig Varieties
Tips to Grow Figs in Ground and in Pots

A Simple Way To Root Fig Cuttings
O’Rourke and Improved Celeste: 2 Distinct Cultivars

Fig Plates
Pons Early Ripening Figs
Mountain Figs at Facebook

2017 Brebas First Ripe By Variety

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I’m mountainfigs at Ourfigs forum

Fig Genotypes & Other Maps & Articles
Nutritional Value of Figs
Italian Numbered Figs (I-258, I-376, etc)
The Fig Tree Resistance to Cold by Sergio Carlini
Dr. O’Rourke at Modern Farmer: “Fig Man On Campus”
Tree Training and Managing Complexity and Yield in Fig
Girdling for Fruit Production Girdling Tool and Technique
Fig Projects Show Girdling Pluses

Steven Biggs: Sharing Stories from the Food Chain podcast:
…Mountain Figs / Top Short Season Figs

Various fig growers and organizations:

Pons – Varieties
Baud – The Fig Tree – more Baud
Figues du Monde
Love – For the Love of Figs poster
Pomono GardensPaolo Belloni – Figs of Puglia
Mercato Verde
Harvey Correia – Figaholics
F4F Forum Archives
Ray Givan’s list of Ira J. Condit’s figs and others
Fig Thesaurus – Seattle Garden & Fruit Adventures
Planet Fig
Fruit Proverbs and Quotes
Ourfigs Forum