Is a Fig a Fruit?

Is an apple a fruit? A strawberry? A pear? A mulberry?

Formerly known as false fruits, botanists now refer to these species as accessory fruits, in which part of the fruit consists of tissue not from the ovaries. A fig is a kind of flower that blooms wholly inside a swollen, shapely portion of stalk. As a fig ripens it becomes a sweet, colorful, flavorful gel, inside a flavored wall and skin.

The general texture of the fig fruit varies by cultivar and depends upon the consistency of the pulp, a thin or thick pulp wall, and the varying strength of the skin. Degree of ripeness and weather conditions also account for texture. Some varieties tend to produce figs of especially soft, pliable, loose structure – pulp through skin – such as Atreano and Conadria. Other varieties tend to produce much more firm figs in pulp, flesh, skin, or all, such as Nordland and Violette de Bordeaux.

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