Longue d’Aout / Nordland

Longue d’Aout is one of the earliest ripening figs with green skin and red pulp. It’s large and flavorful, dense pulp. Known in Switzerland as Nordland, Longue d’Aout goes by Cucumber and other names. 

Longue d’Aout is one of the more rustic looking figs on the outside. In that way, it’s a sizable thick fleshy fig somewhat similar to Brooklyn White though not as readily sweet. Strawberry red on the inside. Should be a big part of people’s core dooryard orchards in short growing seasons, assuming the fruit is not grown for shiny appearance, which this cultivar lacks. Longue d’Aout skin can blush dark but does not always. LDA has a very firm pulp and strong structure.

Easily a top ten fig for short seasons, Longue d’Aout is one of the top two or three light figs for tough conditions. Longue d’Aout is known also as Nordland for a reason. Longue d’Aout and Brooklyn White are both sizable figs, as light figs tend to be larger than dark figs in general. 

Nordland brebas: