Fig Flavor by Pulp

Three basic fig flavors:

Sugar. Honey. Berry.

  • Sugar figs have brown or amber pulp. Plain sweet or various sugar flavor. Dark skin, often dark purple, ranging through any of many shades of brown, red, blue, or black.
  • Honey figs have golden pulp, ranging to caramel. Honey-like or agave nectar flavor. Yellow skin.
  • Berry figs have purple or red pulp. Various strawberry jam based flavors. Green skin or any of many shades of dark skin.

Four main berry flavors – intense strawberry jam mixes:

Resin Berry. Punch Berry. Citric Berry. Tannin Berry.

(Resin Berry aka “Bordeaux” flavor; Punch Berry aka “Berry” or “Dark Berry” flavor; Citric Berry aka “Adriatic” flavor)

  • Resin berry figs have red pulp. Strawberry jam and tannic flavor. Dark maroon, purple, or black skin.
  • Punch Berry figs have purple or red pulp. Mixed berry, strawberry jam and grape based flavor. Dark skin, often dark purple or black, unless mottled with light colors.
  • Citric berry figs have red pulp. Strawberry jam and acidic flavor. Green skin.
  • Tannin berry figs may have more brown or translucence in the red pulp and may have a bitter (tannic) edge to the berry flavor. Thin light green skin may tend toward yellowish tints.

Two between berry and sugar and berry and honey flavors:

Sugar-Berry. Honey-Berry.

  • Sugar-berry figs have light maroon pulp. Sweet fruity flavor. Dark skin.
  • Honey-berry figs have blush or red pulp. Fruit juice with honey flavor. Yellowish or greenish skin.

Two between sugar and honey flavors:

Caramel. Agave.

  • Caramel figs have beige to tan to tawny pulp. Various sugar or mild honey flavors. Dark skin.
  • Agave figs have light yellow or gold pulp. Agave nectar flavors or neutral honey. Bright yellow skin.

Most fig varieties can be found on a parallel 10 mode flavor, pulp & skin color range, in which fig flavors correlate with pulp colors and somewhat with skin colors across a diverse spectrum


Sugar figs have a plain sweet taste, often very sweet, sometimes with a maple flavor or various off-sugar flavors.

Honey figs have the flavor of honey, sometimes tending to caramel, or to agave nectar flavor.

The off-berry flavors of resin berry and tannin berry may have a bitter (resinous or tannic) taste that seems to come from the skin, or just underneath it.

The in-between berry flavors of sugar-berry and honey-berry have more of a general berry or fruity flavor and less of the strawberry jam flavor of the resin, citric, tannin, and punch berry figs. 

While flavor is found to a significant extent in the skin and in the flesh between the skin and pulp, most fig flavor concentrates in the gel pulp of figs, per the photos above, and below.


Punch Berry:


Citric Berry:

Honey Berry:


Resin Berry:


Sugar Berry:

Tannin Berry:

Dark skin fig pulp:
Punch Berry, Resin Berry, Sugar Berry, Sugar, Caramel

Light skin fig pulp:
Citric Berry, Tannin Berry, Honey Berry, Honey, Agave

Dark and light skin fig pulp ranging from citric fruit flavor to honey and sugar flavor: