Allegheny Pawpaw

Allegheny pawpaw was pursued and discovered by WVU grad Neal Peterson. Texture of banana whip, flavor of mango-banana. Almost like warm ice cream, or custard, a light fruity flavor like a slushie but more full, more fruitful. Pawpaw is the largest edible tree fruit native to North America.

This fruit I found in the grass below my six-foot tall Allegheny pawpaw tree. I had no idea it had set any fruit, after dozens of blossoms dropped in the spring. All but one apparently. With no needed pollinator tree in the vicinity, Allegheny nevertheless managed to set and ripen the one fruit.

Reactions to this piece of fruit: “This is the best … I had no idea … why is everyone not talking about this…” It was quickly scooped and devoured. Seeds were sucked clean and refrigerated to stratify for four months before subsequent planting.

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