Osborn Prolific

Osborn Prolific main crop, sugary, caramel, honey flavor. Osborn Prolific has been determined to be genetically similar to a group of figs from Turkmenistan in the Caspian Sea basin that are somewhat genetically distinct from most figs, which hail from the the Mediterranean Sea area. It’s a great fig. Can be unusually creamy, with very thin skin.

Osborn Prolific fig, also known as Rust fig, is related to a group of figs from Turkmenistan that “may represent non-Mediterranean type wild figs found in the Hyrcanic regions of the south Caspian Sea, which some botanists treat as a separate species, F. hyrcana (Zhukovsky 1962). Both Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean wild figs are fully interfertile and produce hybrids that are adapted to a wide range of ecological conditions (Storey and Condit 1969)” Figs “from Turkmenistan are somewhat genetically different from the rest of the Mediterranean and the Caucasus figs” (Aradhya, et al).