Brooklyn White

Productive and robust, Brooklyn White, also known as Naples White, can ripen fruit after dying back to the ground following a harsh winter – an unusual trait for a light-skinned fig. Brooklyn White has a glazed strawberry flavor. A great light fig.

Big and bright, with beautiful yellow-gold skin and relatively large fruit, Brooklyn White can produce a flavorful breba crop as well as Violette de Bordeaux. Brooklyn White’s brebas may begin to ripen two or three weeks after Violette’s brebas, which is about a week or two before Improved Celeste and Ronde de Bordeaux begin to ripen their more bountiful main crops. As with Violette, Brooklyn White’s main crop can begin to ripen about three weeks after the main crops begin on the earliest cultivars. The Brooklyn White cultivar traces to New York City where it was planted by immigrants. Each of these varieties can ripen figs intermittently or in waves until frost. Brooklyn White packs a big sweet strawberry honey flavor. Sizable and bright, Brooklyn White may be the most eye-catching and unusual fig to produce well in the north.

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