Violette de Bordeaux

Violette de Bordeaux is a great fig by many names, including Vista, Negronne, Petite Negri, Valle Calda, Nero 600m, Petite Aubique…. It’s a strong form fig with a main crop not early ripening but not especially late, flavor of strawberry jam, with possibly a little more resin than usual that scientists say gives figs their characteristic flavor.

Representing either a single cultivar or a group of very closely related strains is Violette de Bordeaux, known and distributed under many names, including: Vista, Negronne, Petite Negri, Valle Calda, Nero 600m, Petite Aubique…. In addition to its main crop, Violette de Bordeaux may ripen a small early crop, known as a breba crop, producing figs usually larger but less sweet than main crop figs. Violette’s breba crop can begin to ripen six weeks before its own main crop, which is about three weeks before the main crops of Ronde and Improved Celeste. Like Ronde, Violette has glossy skin and is firm and strong in shape, though more oval and with darker color. It boasts a premier flavor of molasses strawberry jam. So flavorful and multi-faceted, Violette de Bordeaux may be the most highly recommended of all cold climate figs for growing in pots.