10 Good Figs For Short Seasons

Top fig lists can change through the years as more experience is gained and more varieties are trialed. These 10 fig types so far make my top 10 for the combo priorities of flavor and production here in zone 6b, grown in pots:

  1. Mt Etna(s): prolific, early, shapely
  2. Ronde de Bordeaux: early, prolific, shapely
  3. Brooklyn White: bright, reliable
  4. Nordland: big, strong
  5. Long Yellow: bright, big
  6. LSU Tiger: prolific, early, shapely
  7. LSU Improved Celeste: early, prolific
  8. Violette de Bordeaux: strong, prolific
  9. Florea: early
  10. Violet Sepor: shapely, big, reliable
  11.  Kadota, LSU Purple, Lattarula (breba), Negretta, San Miro Piro (breba)
  • Figs 1-5 for both pulp flavor and skin color diversity. Long Yellow can seem like a different species of fruit compared to Mt Etna.
  • Figs 1-2 & 6, 7, 9 for productivity … and early main crop ripening (also Negretta).
  • Fig 8 for earliest breba crop … and excellent main crop.
  • Fig 10 for flavor, appearance, size, reliability.
  • Figs 11+ some of other good figs for growing zone 6b.


Permaculture in pots, and growing organic: “Planting in Pots…

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