Negretta is a small black fig that may be a sibling of Bianchetta and/or Verdetta. Negretta is early ripening. It looks and tastes like a small Violette de Bordeaux type, though not quite as resin berry jammy, somewhat more sugary.

Negretta seems to be an under-the-radar early ripening fig, possibly because it has been confused with the similar Violette de Bordeaux fig, which is later ripening. Negretta is smaller than Violette de Bordeaux but of somewhat similar look and very good flavor.

Negretta seems to ripen as early as any fig except for the very earliest types like Ronde de Bordeaux, Florea, and Improved Celeste (LSU). Negretta ripens as early as or earlier than Mt Etna and LSU Tiger.


Negretta (7)

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