Osborn Prolific

Osborn Prolific fig, also known as Rust fig, has a sweet caramel flavor. Has somewhat similar features as Improved Celeste while being somewhat larger and later ripening.

Osborn Prolific has been found to be genetically similar to figs from Turkmenistan, a group of figs that “may represent non-Mediterranean type wild figs found in the Hyrcanic regions of the south Caspian Sea, which some botanists treat as a separate species, F. hyrcana (Zhukovsky 1962). Both Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean wild figs are fully interfertile and produce hybrids that are adapted to a wide range of ecological conditions (Storey and Condit 1969)” Figs “from Turkmenistan are somewhat genetically different from the rest of the Mediterranean and the Caucasus figs” (Aradhya, et al).

Osborn Prolific:


3 thoughts on “Osborn Prolific

    1. Yes! This variety grows well here from Vancouver, BC to the N. Cal coast…even in partial shade!?!
      Better known as Neveralla in OR. and WA.


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