Italian Numbered Figs

A few “Italian numbered” figs ripened as brebas here this year, and one that produced a single breba is loaded with main crop for its small size, I-376. According to a California Rare Fruit Grower’s document, “Todd Kennedy collected the Italian numbered figs in the 1980s in Rome.”

Of I-376, the document notes: “Amber-purple skin, dark tan-pinkish flesh, breba crop, roundish, no neck, medium eye, moist with no seeds. Sweet and complex excellent flavor, one of best (PS) –but possibly is Panache.”

Don’t see how I-376 could be confused with Panache, and I assume it is not. Photos of I-376 breba fig and its current main crop:

Other photos are of I-253 breba figs and an I-215 breba fig:

Additionally, I-358 ripened about half a dozen breba figs with gold pulp (no photo).

All these “Italian numbered” figs had good flavor, about as they looked (including I-358), except I-376 which had very good flavor, especially sweet.

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