Early Figs By Flavor, Skin & Pulp Color


Not necessarily the earliest ripening varieties of figs in the world by ten flavor, skin & pulp color modes, these are the earliest ripening here in growing zone 6b.

flavors early dark light skin pulp all main

flavors early dark light skin pulp darkflavors early dark light skin pulp light







3 thoughts on “Early Figs By Flavor, Skin & Pulp Color

  1. Thanks, this site basically contains my notes of trying to figure out this amazing fruit for growing in non-native locations, particularly my own. The terrific flavors and look, the incredible diversity and the relative ease of growing figs in small spaces makes the effort tempting, worthwhile, and possible. I can’t think of another fruit that compares.


  2. You have done a splendid job of providing excellent information in a very interesting, assimilable and accessible (has Breba crop, can ripen until frost, cold-hardiness, which are good for containers, flavor range, size, color, even other names for similar fruits…) Well done! Yours beats any other site I’ve found, hands down! Your photos add much to the understanding of each variety.
    I am in zone 7a, so your information on how these figs performed in your zone 6b is very pertinent to me.

    I wish that similar sites existed for comparing the virtues of other fruits! My gratitude!


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