Held Over Figs

Has not happened often here, but occasionally figs will begin to form in the fall and, with no time to ripen, hold over on the tree through winter if placed in frost-protected storage. Three weeks ago, in mid-February, the Cyprus fig tree below looked exactly as it did last fall, holding several young figs in the same condition for months:


Now, several weeks after moving the tree from cold but frost protected storage in garage to a spot in house by a window, and after setting it outside during a few warm, sunny days, and after clipping off the tip to stimulate growth, the figs are growing, beginning to swell and proceed on a two or three month journey toward ripening. Meanwhile, new leaves and limbs are forming:

A week of cold weather lies ahead, predicted to be near freezing or much lower, however these figs placed indoors by a window may slowly continue growth. They will probably need direct sunlight outdoors again soon, however. Otherwise, the figs may drop due to lack of energy.


Update, May 23: held over Cyprus figs beginning to ripen, from the bottom up, in the order that the figs first formed:



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