Figs in Snow

Photos below show the scene here this snowy day. Most of the fig wood photoed may be alive yet. If so, this could be the first winter in 5 years that exposed fig wood survives. Supposed to hit 15 Fahrenheit tonight, all but there now. Temps down to 8 Fahrenheit or lower came through a few weeks ago, briefly, which was at least 10 degrees higher than recent previous years’ lows. If these various cultivars’ exposed wood survives, this will go a long way toward showing firsthand that some fig varieties can survive brief cold snaps unprotected down to around 5 degrees, as reported.

The first snow photo shows fig bushes partially buried in leaf mounds about 2 feet deep, under about half a foot of snow. The next photos show fig bushes left to face winter without even any added mulch to the base this year. Followed by today’s general winter scene photos.





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