The Colors of 26 Light Skin Figs

While dark figs may ripen as myriad shades of a variety of colors (blue, brown, purple, black, red), light figs have green or yellow shaded skin when ripe. Two dozen-plus light figs:

Fig pulp color and flavor do not necessarily correspond to skin color, though these often correspond more closely with light skin figs than with dark skin figs. Green ripe figs usually have a red strawberry flavor pulp, while gold and yellow skin figs usually have a golden honey flavor pulp.

Contradicting this, a few yellow or yellow-green figs, such as Brooklyn White, have a red berry flavor pulp, while some light green figs, such as Lattarula, have a clear or amber honey flavor pulp.

Variegated figs, like green figs, have red strawberry flavored pulp.

The flavor and pulp color spectrum of light figs from left to right and, typically, from green skin to yellow skin:

Citric Berry, Tannin Berry, Honey Berry, Honey, Agave

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