Early June Fruit: Juneberry, Haskap, Goumi, Nanking Cherry

Excluding for the moment Juneberry, the real surprise to me here is the humble Nanking cherry. Though it colors up later than haskap or goumi, it gets sweet as early as they do, or sweeter earlier. Also, it’s a legit tree fruit that grows as low and precocious as a bush. A miniaturized tree fruit. Maybe its lack of pervasive popularity (presence in groceries) is due to it being the size of a berry but with a pit.

Meanwhile, juneberry is arguably the star of this group given an ORAC (antioxidant) level higher than elderberries and mix of fruit flavor with nutty seed crunch. It tastes to me most like an apple of any fruit, though with strong almond flavor too, and some berry.

Goumi is the most productive in a small space. Haskap is the earliest (let alone the earlier varieties of edible blue honeysuckle).

Here all birds seem to like the juneberries. Mainly robins seem to go for the goumi.

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