accidental 100 percent rooting

Six and a half months ago, in mid November, I cut this Emerald Strawberry (UCD 143-36) scionwood, about 50 cuttings. I bundled them with vinegar-water soaked paper towels and wrapped them inside of a couple plastic grocery bags. I put them on the cement floor of my attached garage and forgot about them.

After a very unusual year in which I did not move out all the potted figs from garage until the last weekend in May, I found the bag of cuttings. They appear to have all rooted, and seem to show minimal damage for the neglect. A true, if accidental, set-and-forget method.

4 thoughts on “accidental 100 percent rooting

  1. What’s the dilution of the vinegar? I assume that it worked as an antiseptic. Mold & bacteria usually doom cuttings in a warm, high-humidity environment — even after treatment with bleach or peroxide. Your use of vinegar seems superior.


    1. Every dilution is different, never measured, some minor part but significant at least by smell. I use it all the time, for cleaning, shipping. I don’t go near bleach or peroxide. As long as the paper towels reek of vinegar, I figure it’s good and so far has been.


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