Goumi Color and Size

Carmine goumi large size (near ripe green and early ripe orange), Red Gem goumi medium size (near ripe green, early ripe orange, ripe red), wild seedling goumi very, very small not ripe (at least I hope it is wild goumi seedling which is what it was sold to me as rather than Autumnberry, which is what it may resemble, close relative, nitrogen fixing. Goumi is supposedly non-invasive as opposed to Autumnberry).

Near ripe green goumi tastes and crunches like a Granny Smith apple. The more red the skin and pulp the less tart, more sweet, gaining an increasingly soft grape texture with central seed inside husk inside pulp.

Also pictured goumi flesh/pulp, husk, and seed. The husk with seed can be swallowed but is less pleasant then chewing and swallowing a sunflower seed in shell. Chewing husk to mash out the seed before spitting crushed husk is an option. This is also the way to mash the pulp before swallowing.

The fibrous, woody husk makes goumi an awkward fruit to eat a lot of fresh due to spitting out the husk. That said, goumi ripens early in the season and in bulk, so a great fresh snack fruit for those reasons at least.

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