Depending on the propagator or marketer, improved edible blue honeysuckle is called haskap or yezberry or honeyberry, etc. Haskap has a blueberry-grape or blueberry-raspberry flavor with an irregular shape. Haskap is highly nutritious, to say the least. Haskap is extremely hardy, including thriving in the Yukon. Ripens early summer. The varied shape of haskap can be somewhat cylindrical, somewhat oblong, with much of the size and look of irregular elongated blueberries. Haskap can also taste much like wild blueberries, which in flavor are roughly similar to domesticated blueberries except gamier, and more nutritious like wild blueberries (possibly due to greater skin area relative to pulp quantity).

Great quick overview of haskap / honeyberries: The Honeyberry by Jim and Bernis Ingvaldson. Further overview by Larry Hodgson: The Fruit That Came In From The Cold. Also see “Haskap plants and Honeyberry explained” at Ramona’s Garden. University of Saskatchewan haskap links.

The haskap in photos below were ripened this summer in West Virginia – sourced from Honeyberry USA – Keiko is the haskap variety pictured:

haskap nutrition chart
haskap nutrition chart

Haskap or Honeyberry?: “The name Haskap comes from the ancient Ainu people of Japan.  It is recognized as one of the oldest known names given to this plant.  It roughly translates to ‘many presents at the end of branches.’  …  Some confuse this variety with honeyberry.  Honeyberry is a name coined by Jim Gilbert from One Green World nursery for his work with Russian varieties of Blue Honeysuckle.”
– Alaska Berries

Honeyberryusa Bloom Chart

Lovehoneyberry Pollination Timetable

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  1. Sorry, but I don’t understand how Haskap can be lumped in with Mountain Figs as they are not the same genus or species.


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