Tannin Berry Figs

Sometimes if not perfectly ripened, certain green/red figs may have a bitter (resinous or tannic) taste that seems to come from the skin, or just underneath it: Conadria, White Triana, Lyndhurst White, and Emerald Strawberry (143-36), for example. These figs may be considered a light skin counterpart to the dark skin “Bordeaux” mode, tannin berry to resin berry. Tannin berry figs can be sweeter peeled, with the skin removed and only the pulp consumed.

With tannin berry figs, the skin tends to be greener and the pulp darker red than the honey berry mode of Brooklyn White, Atreano, Desert King, etc. Too much water can dilute the flavor of this type of fig. When well ripened, tannin berry figs are large sweet and juicy berry figs with light green skin and reddish pulp.

While citric berry figs have blood red or dark berry red pulp with strong green skin or skin that may begin to shade dark, like Nordland / Longue d’Aout, tannin berry figs have skin that is typically green or greenish but may tend toward yellowish tints. The pulp is usually less blood red, and either often lighter red or sometimes with translucent pulp somewhat like the honey-berry or honey figs.

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