31 Figs

An unexpected bounty picked on a fall day, this Saturday, November 5th: 31 figs, all from bushes in ground, all Mt Etna figs except for 2 Brooklyn Whites. Real good flavor. Recent modest heat and rain brought them on.

Crazy long fall here. May pay for it later – even climate change aside. Last year, frost clamped down hard at least two weeks prior to now. This year, the growing and ripening season is ongoing; although, cool weather had allowed only a couple ripe figs per day on average the past few weeks, until these came in all at once.

Update: a couple dozen more figs, below, picked November 11. Then the first hard freeze hit the next morning, about 3 weeks later than the previous year, dropping all leaves. All Mt Etna, except for 2 Brooklyn White, 1 LSU Purple, and 1 Black Madeira not fully ripe that tasted like a Mt Etna – all in-ground except for the potted Black Madeira:


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