The Best Figs To Grow

The figs that mean the most to you are the best figs to grow.

Which fig might mean the most?

The one with a favorite flavor.

The most prolific fig.

The brightest most cheerful.

The sweetest fig.

The darkest, most intense.

The fig that ripens after the harshest winters.

The fig a loved one looks forward to the most.

A fig with a history: one from your home country, or hometown, or one that has been in family for years.

The fig your guests prefer.

A fig that children like.

A fig the community plants in the parks.

Or the figs that ripen main crops the earliest, the most productively, and with the most reliable flavors:

Mt Etna
Brooklyn White
Ronde de Bordeaux
LSU Improved Celeste
LSU Tiger




2 thoughts on “The Best Figs To Grow

  1. I am in zone 9 west south west of New Orleans La , How do I find out what varieties grow best here and where to get them


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