All cuttings are fresh and lignified. Available varieties are ever-changing depending on time of year, supply, and accessibility. With few exceptions, I cut the day I ship, or the day before. 

  • each cutting 7 to 9 inches, multiple nodes
  • $32 for 6 cuttings
  • $7 shipping, USPS priority mail small box
  • cuttings may be purchased in batches of 6: all 6 cuttings may be of a single variety, or of 6 different varieties, or of any combination
  • combined shipping refund – no extra shipping charge for multiple batches
  • ship to continental US; sorry, no international shipping
  • Paypal payment only

6 Fig Tree Cuttings: $39 total
($32 + $7 shipping)
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When paying at Paypal, please list the varieties and quantities of cuttings in your order, or list them in note sent to: mountainfigs at gmail dot com

(At any given time, I may have rooted cuttings of these listed varieties, and of some other varieties, available for sale; however, as these are time-consuming to check for and pack, I charge triple for rooted cuttings, if available, with a minimum order of 4.)


  • Alma
  • Atreano
  • Banana (Kadota)
  • Brooklyn Dark (Palermo Red)
  • Brunswick
  • Chico Strawberry
  • Conadria
  • Desert King
  • Emerald Strawberry (UCD 143-36)
  • Hunt
  • Lemon (Blanche)
  • LSU Gold
  • LSU O’Rourke
  • LSU Purple
  • Mary Lane
  • Mission
  • Mt Etna (please specify: Hardy Chicago, Takoma Violet, Gino’s Black, Sal’s EL/GS, Marseilles Black, Keddie, Malta Black, Spanish Unknown, Dark Portuguese, Salem Dark, Black Bethlehem, Mt Etna Unknown, Natalina, Ginoso)
  • Scott’s Black (LSU)
  • White Triana