Figs in Small Pots

Below, 5 breba figs on this small O’Rourke air layer from last year, up-potted here to a 2.5 by 10 inch treepot (3.5 inch diameter at the top, 1.5 inch at the bottom). Don’t know if all or any of these breba figs will make it through to ripening in this size pot but will find out. The smallest breba may be already on the verge of not making it. Also will leave the mini tree in its small pot to try for any possible main crop. I may let this air layer root into ground a bit, so that would affect things of course. This degree of fruiting potential per pot size has been far surpassed by others no doubt but is exceptional here. 

O'Rourke brebas (984x1024)

Below, 11 brebas on a small tree downsized last fall to a 5x5x12 inch treepot, Aldo’s Palermo Red. A lot of limb there and a bunch of root, so not as impressive to me as 5 figs on a considerably smaller treepot but still exceptional compared to other small trees here.

IMG_2674 (839x1024)

These are all breba figs. They grow on last year’s limbs and bud out along with or before new limbs and leaves each season, only on varieties that produce them at all. Main crops figs, none yet showing, would appear on buds immediately above the base of leaf stems, on new limbs.

(The weather is forecast to be near freezing at best in a few nights, though hoping to avoid it. Will probably cover or move some figs into garage, including these above.)

4 thoughts on “Figs in Small Pots

    1. Composted bark mulch and some clay mainly. Garden lime if necessary to sweeten the mix. Clay and heavy mixes can be a problem in pots, suffocating roots by blocking drainage, so best to use sparingly or add side drainage holes. Most of my pots allow for root escape into mulched ground too where there is air, water, nutrients.


  1. In such small pots, How often are you watering? My figs in 1gal pots are hard enough to keep hydrated.


    1. Spring here is rainy and cool, so no need much of the time. On hot dry days I’ll usually give some water. Also these little trees only get full sun part of the day and mainly it’s dappled sun in the shade of closely grouped other fig trees. I try not to set trees out alone in blazing sun, and later in the season I should be able to “heel in” many of the figs so that they can draw water from beneath mulch. But on blazing days I may water each day or every other. Remains to be seen. I can’t allow too much growth on these small pots. Some stunting is probably necessary.


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